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Guangdong Jiajing Technology Co., Ltd is a modern cooperation with 16-years experience specialized in R&D, production and sales of eco-friendly water based inks, water-based acrylic resin, water-based acrylic emulsion, water-based varnish, special water-based inks and pearlescent binders. The factory, over 25,000 square meter, has been invested 150 million 尺MB...

  • National High-Tech Enterprise

  • Guangdong private technology enterprises

  • Patent pilot enterprise

  • Brand - name products in Guangdong Province
Jia Jing Advantage
  • Brand

    www.2907147.companies engaged in water-based ink has been 20 years of history, the brand in the industry well-known.

  • Patent

    The www.2907147.company has eight invention patents, three practical patents.

  • Research

    The www.2907147.company independently developed a variety of acrylic synthetic resin, changing the main raw material of water-based ink - synthetic resin to rely on the import situation.

  • Rich

    A wide range of ink series, wide product vertical and horizontal.

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China · Guangdong · Dongguan
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